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GF AR coated glass is adding a nanometer antireflective layer to the ultra-clear solar glass and then tempered. This increases solar transmittance by way of decreasing light reflectance. The increase of transmittance can effectively improve the energy conversion efficiency and output power of the PV modules. Besides, AR coated glass has the advantage of self-cleaning function, which make the maintenance of the PV modules more easier.

The technology for GF AR coated is using nano-porous silica technology, combining precision coating technology, add an antireflective layer to the surface of ultra-clear solar glass. This layer can lower the glass surface reflectance to 1%, and improve both the glass transmittance and the conversion efficiency of PV modules.
Thickness: 3.2mm or 4mm
Max. size: 1000x2000mm (Coating size)
Light transmittance: ≥ 94.6%
Solar energy transmittance: ≥ 93.8%

What is the Spectral Data of 3.2mm low iron patterned glass with AR coated?

It is single side AR coating.
It can be coated on low iron patterned glass (S/M & M/M) or low iron float glass.

Where to use it?
· Front cover glass of Crystalline silicon (cSi) including monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels.
·  Thermal Collector.
·  Greenhouse.







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