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What is Low Iron Patterned Tempered Glass?
Low iron patterned glass, also called low iron figured glass or low iron rolled glass or low iron textured glass, is made by a continuous roll-impressed process. Low iron patterned glass with excellent performance on high solar transmittance, low absorbance, low reflectance and low iron content, is the ideal encapsulationmaterial for solar thermal and photovoltaic modules.Low iron patterned tempered glass is low ironpatternedglass that has been processed through a
tempering ovento increase its strength to resist impact, mechanical loads and thermal stress breakage. Glass is heat-treated by heating annealed glass to a temperature of approximately 1,150°F (621°C), then rapidly cooling it. The glass is cooled by a carefully controlled airflow (also known as quenching), which uniformly cools all glass surfaces simultaneously.
It is approximately four times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness and configuration. When it is broken, tempered glass fractures into small fragments that reduce the probability of serious injury as compared to annealed glass.

What is the Spectral Data of 3.2mm Low Iron Patterned Tempered Glass?


Specifications and Properties of Raw Glass:

1、Glass Thickness:3.2m &4mm;
2、Tolerance of thickness:±0.15mm
3、Max. Size:1650mm×2440mm
4、Light transmittance(3.2mm):≥91.6%
5、Content Iron:≤150ppmFe2O3
6、Specific Heat at 32° -212°F (0° -100°C):0.2
8、(Young's) Modulus of Elasticity :73GPa
9、Tensile Strength :42 MPa
10、Hemispherical Emissivity at 0° -150° (-18° -66°C):0.84
11、Expansion Coefficient :9.03x10-6/℃
12、Softening Point:720 ℃
13、Annealing Point:550 ℃
14、Strain Point:500 ℃

It is of higher energy transmittance about 91.5%
It is expensive compare to clear float glass
It has two types of surface patterns, prismatic/matt-finished (SM) and matt-finished/matt-finished (MM).

Series of low iron patterned glass:
· Raw glass without tempered
· Tempered with designed sizes

Where to use it?
· Front cover glass of Crystalline silicon (cSi) including monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels.

· Thermal Collector.



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