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What is Silk-sreened Glass?

Silk-sreened glass, also called silk printing or sreened printing glass, is custom-made by transferring a silk-screen image to the glass and then processing it through a horizontal tempering furnace. Each individual lite is screen-printed with the desired pattern and ceramic enamel frit color. The ceramic frit can be silk-screened onto the glass substrate in one of three standard patterns–dots, lines, holes–or in a full-coverage application. In addition, custom patterns can be easily duplicated on the glass. Depending on the pattern and the color, the glass lite can be made transparent, translucent or opaque.

Where to use Silk-sreened Glass?

We offer a variety of silk printing decorative glass products to satisfy a wide range of applications. 
- Glass refrigerator panels;
- Microwave ovens;
- Glass doors;
- Bathrooms;
- Shower enclosures.












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